Mystery Pictures
We don't know what these are. Really. Maybe you should go ask around on the forums, where they are posted, hopefully with any regularity.

Second Batch:

First Batch:

(As you can see, we're missing some of them. If you have them saved, please contact anyone from the team, or post them on the forums. Thanks!)

Featured Pictures
Featured pictures from back when we still knew about what we were doing. These actually have some explanation about what's in them.

Featured Picture #01
An Aeolus class cruiser test fires the Mark III Electrobeams.
Featured Picture #02
The GTD Warhammer Class Destroyer shows a Ravana that bigger not always means better.
Featured Picture #03
An unidentified vessel, destroyer class, leaves Saturn's orbit.
Featured Picture #04
A Pegaus Stealth Fighter powers up and starts to move towards its objective, on a snippet from one of the cutscenes to be seen on Machina Terra.

Ye Olde Trayler
The original, now almost a decade old, Machina Terra trailer. Don't expect much. No, we don't remember which codec it uses either.

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