Unidentified Craft Profiles
Classified information on unidentified vessels encountered by GTVA craft, status of research, observations and recommendations in case of contact.
Intercepted Transmissions
Archives of classified conversations, data transfers and situation briefings intercepted by Intelligence cleared for your security level.
War Tales
Strange things happen in the cold void between stars. Some of the stories are told... others are lost forever to the hungry darkness of space.
  • Remnants
    A fighter pilot stationed on a remote GTVA station has a surprising encounter after drifting from his patrol path.

  • Discoveries
    The discovery of a new jump node on Polaris leads to a hectic chain of events, culminating on a discovery that can spell doom for the Alliance...

  • The Prototype
    During the first Shivan invasion, a rogue research group is about to unleash a power they'll never really understand.

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